The Lost Coloring Book

The sun was setting over the ocean as the small fishing boat made its way back to shore. The crew had been out all day, hoping for a good catch to sell at the market. As they were packing up their equipment, one of the crew members spotted something floating in the water. It looked like a coloring book with a fish on the cover.

Curious, the crew member picked up the book and flipped through the pages. The illustrations were intricate and detailed, showcasing various creatures of the ocean. As he showed the book to the rest of the crew, they all agreed that it was a unique find.

The captain of the boat, however, was not interested in keeping the book. He believed that it was bad luck to take things from the ocean without proper permission. But one of the crew members, named Jack, had a different idea. He thought that they could sell the book for a high price and split the profits among themselves.

The crew agreed to Jack's plan and they brought the book to the market the next day. As soon as they set up their stand, a group of buyers approached them, interested in the book. Jack negotiated a price that was much higher than they expected, and the buyers eagerly bought the coloring book.

Over the next few days, the crew members enjoyed their newfound wealth. They treated themselves to good food and drinks, and even bought some new equipment for their boat. But as time went on, they noticed that strange things were happening to them.

One crew member, named Alex, started having nightmares about the ocean. He would wake up in a cold sweat, feeling like something was watching him from the depths of the sea. Another crew member, named Sarah, started feeling dizzy and nauseous whenever she was near the water.

Jack, however, seemed to be unaffected by the strange occurrences. He continued to spend his money freely, buying expensive gifts for his friends and family. But as he was walking home one night, he heard a strange voice whispering in his ear. It was a voice he couldn't recognize, but it sounded like it was coming from the ocean.

As the days went on, the crew members started to realize that the coloring book was cursed. They tried to get rid of it, but every time they tried to throw it away, it would magically reappear on their boat. They were trapped, and they didn't know what to do.

One day, as they were fishing in the middle of the ocean, a huge storm hit. The waves were so high that they thought their boat would capsize. As they were struggling to keep the boat afloat, they noticed something strange happening to the coloring book. The fish on the cover started to come to life, swimming off the pages and into the ocean.

The crew members watched in amazement as the fish swam away. But as soon as they disappeared, the storm calmed down and the sun came out. The crew members looked at each other, realizing that the curse had been lifted.

From that day on, the crew members never spoke of the coloring book again. They continued to fish and sell their catch, but they never forgot the strange occurrences that had happened to them. And whenever they saw something floating in the water, they made sure to leave it alone, knowing that it was better to be safe than sorry.