The Rainy Selfie

It was a rainy day, and three friends, Jack, Tom, and Harry, decided to go for a walk. They were having a great time until Harry suggested taking a selfie. They all agreed and started to pose, but just as they were about to click the picture, it started to rain heavily.

Panicking, they all tried to cover their heads, but in the confusion, Jack accidentally dropped his phone into a puddle. They were all horrified and didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Tom had an idea and suggested they put the phone in a bowl of rice.

They rushed back to Tom's house, got a bowl of rice, and placed Jack's phone in it. They all sat there staring at the bowl of rice, hoping that it would work. After a few hours, they took the phone out, and to their surprise, it turned on! They were all overjoyed and decided to take the selfie again, but this time, they made sure to stand under a shelter.

As they were about to take the picture, they noticed that a stray dog had followed them. It was a cute little puppy, and they couldn't resist taking a picture with it. They tried to coax the puppy to come closer, but it was shy and kept its distance.

Tom then suggested that they offer the puppy some food to gain its trust. They all searched their pockets and bags and found some snacks. They started offering the puppy some food, and it slowly started to come closer to them.

Finally, the puppy was close enough, and they all posed for the picture. However, just as they were about to click the picture, the puppy jumped up and grabbed Harry's phone with its teeth. They all started chasing the puppy, trying to get the phone back, but it was too fast for them.

They chased the puppy through the streets, trying to catch it. People passing by stared at them and wondered what was going on. Finally, they managed to corner the puppy, and Harry grabbed the phone from its mouth.

They were all out of breath and exhausted, but they couldn't stop laughing. They had never had so much fun in their lives. They decided to call it a day and head back home.

As they walked, they noticed that the rain had stopped, and the sun was starting to come out. They looked up and saw a beautiful double rainbow in the sky. They all gasped in amazement and decided to take one last picture.

They found a spot with a perfect view of the rainbow and took the picture. It was a beautiful moment, and they were all grateful for being able to experience it together.

As they walked back home, they talked about all the crazy things that had happened that day. They all agreed that it was one of the best days of their lives and promised to do it again sometime soon.

The rain had stopped, the sun was shining, and they were all happy. They had each other, a great adventure, and memories that would last a lifetime.