The Stag King

The king sat upon his throne, adorned with the majestic antlers of a mighty stag. His people revered him as a god, for his strength was unmatched and his wisdom unparalleled. But as the years passed, the king grew weary of his power. He longed for a simpler life, free from the burdens of royalty. And so, one day, he left his throne and ventured into the forest, where he lived among the deer and the trees.

At first, the king struggled to adapt to his new life in the forest. He had been used to a life of luxury and comfort, but now he was forced to fend for himself, relying on his wits and his instincts to survive. But as time went on, he grew to love the peace and quiet of the forest, and the company of the animals that lived there.

One day, while out foraging for food, the king came across a small group of deer. They were grazing contentedly, unaware of his presence. The king watched them for a while, admiring their grace and beauty. And then, without thinking, he let out a loud, piercing whistle, just as he used to do when he wanted to summon his servants.

To his surprise, the deer immediately looked up and began to walk towards him. The king was amazed. He had never seen anything like it before. He reached out his hand, and one of the deer came up to him, nuzzling his palm gently. The king felt a warmth in his heart that he had not felt for many years.

From that day on, the king spent his days wandering the forest, accompanied by a small herd of deer. They followed him wherever he went, and he grew to love them like his own children. He would spend hours just sitting with them, listening to the sounds of the forest and watching the animals go about their business.

But despite his newfound happiness, the king could not forget his past life. He missed his people, and the power and prestige that came with being a king. And so, one day, he decided to return to his kingdom and reclaim his throne.

At first, the people were overjoyed to see their king return. They welcomed him back with open arms, and he was once again treated like a god. But as time went on, the king found that he no longer fit in with his old life. He missed the quiet simplicity of the forest, and the company of his deer friends.

In the end, the king made a difficult decision. He realized that he could not be happy as a king, and that his true home was in the forest. And so, he abdicated his throne and returned to the forest, where he lived out the rest of his days as the Deer King.

The people were sad to see him go, but they understood that he had found his true calling in life. And so, they let him go with their blessing, content in the knowledge that he was finally happy. And the deer, who had grown to love their king as much as he loved them, followed him back into the forest, where they lived together in peace and harmony, forevermore.

The end.